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I just want to give you guys a heads up and remind everybody not to become complacent and lazy like me. In the past 6 months my P3AT has been carried very little and not been shot or cleaned. My method of carry is IWB in a leather Quest tuckable holster in the 5 o'clock position. Today the temp reached 70* so I loaded up a few handguns and went to the range. I hadn't shot this gun in 6 months and it was clear that even though I used graphite lube on the slide rails, the oil on the other parts was completely gone. If I had've needed the gun in a SD situation it probably would've worked fine with the good ammo I use but it sure wasn't ready for the range.

Ammo used:
Magtech HP (2008)-35rds.
WWB FMJ (2010)-25rds.
Win. Supreme Super Whammy bullets (2010)-5rds.

The older Magtech ammo was starting to turn dark so it was time to get rid of it. Honestly I was expecting poor performance based on the ammo's age and the fact that my P3AT never liked them to begin with. I loaded my mags with 5rds each that way it is easier to do a combat count and not dry fire the gun. Out of 7 mags all but 2 had malfunctions. Some of that was operator error but most was ammo related. you name the malfunction and I had it.

WWB functioned well even when shooting with my weak hand.

My carry ammo didn't give me any problems.
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