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As a follow up to many suggestions that no poly mags work with the 16C folding mechanism, I bought a three pack of Troy Battlemags, as I had heard someone say once he thought they worked. Tried them out tonight. The stock will fold over them with a bit of a nudge, not near as clean as the D&H metal ones. If you minimally filed a corner off the baseplate of the mags, it might clear significantly better without hurting the function of the mags, I think. Or, you could file/dremel a little of the opening in the stock. Or do both with less work on each. Or do nothing and shove the stock over the mag. It's not too thick (although it's at the limit I must say), but it is a smidge longish.

Anyhow, it's a workable mag, just not an ideal mag out of the box. Have not shot out of it yet.

I haven't decided on dremeling anything yet, as I can use these in another AR without modifying them at all. Might though.

Gotta load up on mags before Nov. Trump could win, but he might not.
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