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It wasn't really titled "range report" but it really was..It was a post about supressors (and that group was in my batch of 3 pics in this thread).

A long while ago I tried a bunch of rounds made by frontier from 55gr to 75gr vs my minorly modified Ar15..but my top rail came loose during that test, and it was only 50 yards not 100. I might have thrown in another vs my Mdr in 556..This is the highlight reel.

I dunno if it's the weight of the suppressor (which is 1lb 5oz currently)..but I've seen where suppressors can mildly shrink groups.But you still have to bee shooting something it likes or it wont matter.
OK I was just wondering if you were shooting 50gr because you found that grouped the best.

I've only shot 55gr and 77g in my two RDBs, but haven't really sat down on a rest to see if they group light better than heavy or vice versa.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts