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Just finished coating my RDB and PF9 with some KG gun-kote in OD green.

Since I didnt get a single response on disassembly of the RDB, I'll share some insight. I'm not going to say the lower its impossible to take apart, but i ended up spraying it without a complete disassemble. The biggest hold up in taking it apart is the Bolt release tabs. Not sure how Keltec gets them out, but they wont punch out from the bottom, and the angle isn't right to go from the top.:confused: With out removing those tabs the lower wont come apart.

So, I removed all the screws, and degreased the lower. Taped off the trigger and internal. I would have liked to keep the bolt release tabs and sling mounts black, but OH well... Spray and bake @ 220F for 2hrs and here's the final result.

The KG gun-kote flat OD green is a pretty close match to the stuff Keltec uses at the factory. I did the slide of the PF9, and it's pretty close to the factory OD frame.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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