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A little info for you.

X95 with Primary Arms red dot and 3/4" riser, no rail covers, Magpul vfg and full 30 round mag = 9.5 pounds

Kel-Tec RDB with low profile backup sights, Primary Arms 1X-6X-24mm scope and Primary Arms scope mount, and full 30 round mag = 9.9 pounds

As you can see there is not much difference in weight - of course, the X95 has a red dot and the RDB has a scope.

OK, I switched the red dot to the RDB and the scope to the X95.

X95, as above with the scope and mount = 10.6 pounds

RDB, as above, with the red dot = 8.8 pounds

There you go. Actual weights in loaded conditions.
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