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Discussion in 'RDB Bullpup Rifle' started by Robbo, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Robbo

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    Aug 6, 2020
    Just took delivery of a new RDB Survival which has fewer places you can mount things. I don't have any experience in using a Picatinny rail and not sure what makes sense with this Survival version. I expect to use it for home defense so I'm guessing a light would be good and maybe a red dot (though something reasonable in price but will still maintain settings after firing a few rounds) or maybe just stay with the iron sights. It came with a sling strap, but without buckles! What's up with that? Any recommendations on a better sling that will fit through the 1" slots n the stock would be appreciated.
  2. iamscottasus

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    Feb 21, 2014
    Spend the moolah and put on an auto-awake 4-5 MOA dot that is standard AR height.
    Forget the sling for home defense, it will just get in the way.
    Put on a blast shield or "fake" suppressor, or get a suppressor.
    Have ear muffs ready.
    Train and get it broken in with 1K rounds before trusting it for a HD role.

    A lot of folks think they've spent enough money on the gun and want to go cheap on the sights.
    Thats fine if you have good irons and are good with them, when you NEED them. But the reality is a lot of folks aren't, and even worse under stress or low light conditions. The optic, particularly the dot, was designed to remedy that situation. The thing you are paying for is quality and durability to get reliability.
    So what are you going to pay to get the best? As the old saying goes, expect to pay as much for the optic as the rifle. This makes sense when you consider that you aren't going to be as effective without one. But we are talking dots here, so fortunately, there are good HD dots to be had in the $300 range.
    Think of the optic as the weapon, since you aren't going to hit anything without one.
    Soap box over. It is now safe to return to your forum.

    And, welcome to RDB world.
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  3. SamM

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    Mar 30, 2017
    My taste in optics run a bit high at times. You can never spend enough on optics. My RDB however, has a very inexpensive Vortex SPARC II. It will eventually get a Vortex Micro magnifier.