Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" aids

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by pfb, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. pfb

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    Oct 17, 2007
    I've starting using a Crimson Trace laser for my P3AT. I hesitated due to its cost, especially relative to the price of the P3AT in the first place, but decided that if the gun was to be used as a CCW, especially with the pretty crappy stock sights, the cost wasn't as big of an issue. Crimson Trace was also at a local sportsmans show and was offering $50 off, so I pulled the trigger :)

    I'm relatively new to the P3AT, and at my first and only previous range trip, I was somewhat disappointed with how accurately I could shoot it. I'm far from a marksman, and really could care less about competitive shooting, but if I'm going to carry a concealed pistol, I want to be able to put it on target accurately and consistently. I can shoot me G23 pretty accurately, but the P3AT will be my main CCW.

    Result? Couldn't be happier. Using the laser as the primary sight, I can rapid fire (six in five) and put all six into the head kill zone at 15' or all six in the torso "effective" zone at 50'. Good enough for me! I will practice using the stock sights with the laser as a co-alignment check as well in case I have to use the P3AT with dead laser batteries.

    Things I've done so far to help create a reliable, accurate carry piece:

    1. Fluff, buff & lube (www.militec1.com grease & oil).
    2. Bersa mag extender (www.e-gunparts.com)
    3. AGrip tactical grip (www.brookstactical.com)
    4. Crimson Trace laser (www.crimsontrace.com)

    I'm also really liking the AGrip as well. It forms to the grip so tightly you can read all the lettering and see/feel the checkering, but is slip resistant, more comfortable, and looks cool to boot!

    i still had two stovepipes in 100 rounds. Both where on the last round in the magazine. Coincidence?

  2. regrip

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    Aug 10, 2007
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    Nice look. The ct laser was not available when I ordered my armalazer. I agree with you on the aiming with the laser, it helps old men like me a lot. :)

  3. phil_evans

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    Nov 3, 2006
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    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    is this laser accessory only for persons who hold the grip in their right hand?
  4. pfb

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    Oct 17, 2007
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    No, should be ambidextrous, unlike some other CT lasers.Laser button is on centerline directly below trigger guard, laser itself is on centerline directly in front of trigger guard. Look carefully at picture two and you can see the laser activation button below the trigger guard...

    Here is a picture (from the CT website) of the right side of the gun.

  5. norton

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    Did you find that the Crimson Trace had a "halo" around the the laser?

    I fired 2 P3at's, one with a Armalaser the other with the new LG430. Both are great. Once I figure out how to post pics I'll show the LG installation.
    Accuracy of both are equal, price is within $6 of each other. I liked the LG design better but disliked the dispersion of the red softness near the laser dot.
    I fired a little more than 90 rounds in a gun with a new barrel (another story)
    which had only 5 rounds or so through the old barrel. So I would describe it as new. I had 5 failures to return to battery when loaded. A slap to the back of the slide fixed those. I added a drop of break free to the rails. There were no stove pipes. I used Aqullia (sp?), some commercial reloads, corbin and Blazer.
    All my shots at 30 feet were in the black using the laser. Iron sights my accuracy dropped.

    I'm calling Crimson Trace about this dispersed light issue. It's not a big deal but it annoys me.
  6. Bobo

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    Jun 13, 2005
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai


    I completely agree with you on the advantages of a laser. I have the ArmaLaser, but the advantages in accuracy and speed are essentially the same for both units.

    As far as the problem with the last round in the mag… make sure the inside of the mag tube, spring and follower are really clean. Try spraying the parts with silicone spray, then wiping them off before reassembling the mags. The silicone will leave the inside workings slippery, but won’t leave any residue for dirt to stick to like oil or grease will.

  7. adamky

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    Apr 14, 2006
    Louisville, KY
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    I didn't even realize CT was making lasers for the P3AT. Cool. :cool:

    THE_HUNTER New Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    How much for the CT P3AT laser???????????????
  9. norton

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    The CT laser LG430 is $165 from shooters-resource.com
    If you order on line it's free shipping plus free battery with it and another one from CT when you register. Great service. It was sent USPS priority mail from Oregon to Michigan, ordered on Thursday and delivered on Monday.

    I spoke with CT and the "halo" is normal. I can live with it but would prefer not to.
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    Jan 5, 2008
    Houston-ish, TX
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    Thanks for the tip on the CTC laser from http://www.shooters-resource.com norton. The short story is I just ordered one from Chuck myself, he seems like a nice guy and is a KT owner himself.

    The long story.

    I noticed on the web site they were out of stock but decided to call and find out when/if he'd get any in stock and whether the price would change. I was in a hurry, he didn't answer, I didn't leave a message but he called me back based on the caller ID alone and politely asked if I had call out of interest in a CTC laser. He'll have some in stock around the first week of next month and the price won't change.

    There is only one other place on the internet where I could find a price close to Chuck's with free shipping but they don't include a free DVD ;) and I didn't see where any extra batteries where included. The other place may have had some in stock but I ordered from Chuck because I called both places, left no message at either but it was Chuck who took the initiative to call me back.
  11. norton

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    Glad to hear that youre pleased..so far!
    I have had no issues at all.
    The CD has some good information in it. It's aimed at LEO's for the most part but all of it is useful. It brought back early training. As usual, I was reminded of the basics.
    I'm surprised by the acccuracy of the combination and distance.
  12. Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    +1 on dealing with Chuck! He is a great guy to deal with!

    I bought a Defender series CTC for a S&W J frame. The dern grip was just to small for me to activate the laser and get a decent trigger pull, so I had to send it back for the larger CTC for the j Frame. Chuck was very easy to deal with on the swap, and the larger grip worked out fine!
  13. wheelguy

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    May 4, 2007
    Re: Range with Crimson Trace & other "shooting" ai

    Yea - these pretty much sum up the problems with a CT laser.
    1. The button is far too sensitive - goes off in my holster all the time. The result - no laser  :( Just what you want in a CCW - not! So, now we have to find a perfect combination of weapon + holster + laser? I had a hard enough time getting a good combination of weapon + holster.
    2. The laser stands proud of the barrel causing crud to coat the laser lens and create a halo. It gets bigger with use too.
    3. 2 batteries instead of 4 you get in the other brand.

    I love my 357 CT (true click switch, protected optics, 4x run time of this one), but this one is a half baked product IMO - I'm sending mine back.