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Discussion in 'Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles' started by TommyB526, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. TommyB526

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Darien, IL
    439EA36D-5D20-4F60-A98F-B3DAD61D3140.jpeg 505AC35A-9FAA-404B-9CD2-1545887C0504.jpeg

    Sure I’ll catch some snark...but here goes. I’m a newb...only been shooting for abt a year. Took my Sub2k (9mm Glock version) out to the range yest. Noticed my front post had rotated off the detent. Locked it back down, figured I’d want to re-zero. Put these targets 25 yds downrange. Standing, no bench rest. I’m 58 and eyesight’s not what it once was. I’m sure many more experienced shooters do much better. But this was pretty good for me.
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  2. Kick72

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    Oct 28, 2017
    Looks like nice shooting to me.
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  3. Jake

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    Sep 23, 2017
    MOBG or minute of bad guy works for me, that's plenty good enough :)
  4. TommyB526

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Darien, IL
    Thanks. Another range by me has 50 yd lanes. I’m gonna try them...see what it can do.
  5. mcpowoller

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    Dec 3, 2012
    Nashville, TN
    That is some mighty fine shooting.
  6. gbdeamer

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    Jun 1, 2016
    Have fun!

    You may want to aim a few inches low at 50 yards. The Kel Tec folks said to zero at 20 yards and it will be 3 (or 4?) inches high at 50 yards and zero at 100 yards.
  7. 850sub

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    Nov 7, 2012
    If you zero at 100, your point of impact will be 2 inches high at 50.
    There's a chart in the manual, at least there used to be.
    IIRC, zero at 15-20 should equal 100 yard zero.
  8. TommyB526

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Darien, IL
    Gbdeamer & 850sub...great info, thanks. Always learn something here. I’ll go thru my manual...not sure I saw it in there. I appreciate your expertise. I’ll re-zero to that 20 yd range.
  9. rtm

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    Nov 6, 2017
    Tampa area
    That's better than I do!
  10. gbdeamer

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    Jun 1, 2016
    I know it's written somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I did find this picture:

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  11. 3wbdriver

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    Nov 2, 2005
    That picture used to be on the last page of the Gen 1 manual. I don't think it is included in the one for the Gen 2 anymore which is a shame.
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  12. Richardx

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    Nov 5, 2017
    Thanks for the information on this page! I recently picked up a Gen2 Sub2000 and have been looking for zeroing info; this chart is not in my owners manual.