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With regard to the recoil are you shooting your 2k stock, with buffer, a heavy brass bolt and/or a sumo handle?
Completely stock. I got the stock extension, but not in time for the range. My plan it to get the Tacticool three pack and go from there. I often shoot my S2K-40, but always with the stock extension or butt pad.

And I thought I attached the photos while at the range... They're lost. I can post a pic or two of my Sub family when I get home tonight.

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You inspired me to get out to the range today, previously my G22 Gen 1 has been flawless through 1000+ 165 grain WWB and Ranger Bonded rounds.

Today I broke out my Gen 2 G22 that I have been slowly working on for some time, for a rough sighting in and function test, with and without my Osprey 40. I shot 20 rounds of 165gr WWB unsurppressed, and then suppressed 20 rounds of the 165gr WWB, 50 rounds of winchester 180 gr train and then 20 rounds of the winchester 180gr bonded defend, both at 925 fps.

110 rounds 100% reliable no FTF no FTE, first time out, comfortable and hearing safe suppressed with all of the ammo used, no target pictures as I was loosing the light at the end, will fine tune my sighting in another day.


Gen 2, G22 S2K
Heavy brass bolt
Sumo handle
Tacticool buffer
Gen 1 aluminum rails
Leupold Prismatic sight
Red Lion R12 folding front sight
Todd's Precision aluminum rear sight
Silencerco's Osprey 40 suppressor


1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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