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Well, I kept saying I'd go to the range and test out my first handgun. Here's the results!

Out of 50 rounds:
3 FTF (Failure to FEED)
1 FTE (Failure to EXTRACT) Sidenote here: This may have been operator error...
46 No problem fires.

Now it's review time. This being my first handgun outside of an Army Issue Beretta M92FS (M-9 for us!) and the first time I've EVER fired a handgun... I'm very comfortable and impressed by the results. The other user reviews and info helped me a lot to prepare for my first range day. This is definitely a great conceal carry gun, and it's a lot of fun to shoot. I have no accessories on this pistol, and after my first day, I would go so far as to say the only accessory that it NEEDS would be a slip-on grip. This is due to the fact that the P3AT seems to jump out of your hand a bit, and I have a VERY strong grip. Gloves may counter-act this, but in a conceal-carry/defense use, you're not going to have time to slip on your gloves. The recoil is a little stronger than I expected, but very fun and not at all unmanageable. Accuracy was spot-on at 20-25 feet (sorry, no measurements at my local range). Results are below:

Here's my grouping for my 3rd set of 14 rounds at 20-25 feet:

Not bad, considering this is my FIRST TIME shooting a pistol, EVER. If you are interested in buying one of these fine weapons, as I was a couple weeks ago, I highly recommend the Kel-Tec P3-AT.

P.S.: I was using a P3-AT .380 with steel barrel, flat black finish, and Remington FMJ UMC 95gr Leadless ammunition.

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:) That is excellent shooting!
Those FTEs and FTFs should become increasingly rare as you put more rounds through it and eventually stop altogether.
Be sure and follow Golden Loki's lube guide when cleaning.
Here's a link:

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Excellent shooting for a first-timer! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
Yes, a slip-on grip and maybe finger extensions on the mags will help you hang on better.


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Glad you were able to find some place to shoot it.

I would recomend and cleaning and inspection to remove any dings or burrs from the first outing.
you will find a burr on the frame rail under the extractor, just scrape that corner of the rail flush
you might find the head of the recoil rod has a slight cresent, just put cresent back towards barrel
you might find where the recoil rod's head digs a groove in the frame where it pivots, just scrape any proud aluminum away
you might find a ding on the outer edge of the slide, just in front of the cutout for the trigger bar disconnect cam, just smooth any raised on either side of the ding
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