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Took a young friend of mine shooting the first time tonight. I let him shoot my J-frame to start out with, with the nice big 3 finger Hogue grips on it. I ran 35 through my P3AT while he was running 50 through the little wheel gun. Then I saved my last 5 for him in the P3. He was a little hesitant, but after firing the 5 rounds he immediately asked me if he could run a box through it, so I said sure, what the heck.

Now, for the record, this was his first trip ever and it almost seems wrong to put him on a little pocket rocket, but I must say that my little buddy (the P3 :p) performed admirably. Despite the fact that he held his entire arm stiff except for his wrist ::), LOL, he only had one failure to feed in 50 rounds, and that after I had put most of a box and some carry rounds through it. He shot 90% of the time one handed too.

Did I mention I haven't cleaned the little sucker and it has been in my pocket for two months straight now? Not too shabby. About once a week, I blow out the hammer with canned air, remove the mag and squirt a little CLP/RemOil up the mag well onto the slide.

All in all it was a fun trip and I just had to share. :)

P.S. Did I mention that he wants one now? hahaha

Its always fun to take a friend or family member to the range thats never shot a gun before. They always leave with a big grin on their face that stays with them all day. I once let my cousin in-law put about 100 rounds through my 12 ga. He had a bruise on his shoulder for about a week. ;D

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