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I bought a Like New P3AT Gen II with 550 rounds of ammo the other day for $300. Took it to the range today to test it out. This was my first experience with a P3AT.

Trigger pull is OK but long and somewhat slow. The trigger return pinched my finger a couple times which was annoying. The grips are a little to small and found I really could only pull the trigger with the middle of my finger which takes some time getting used to. Accuracy was either on or completely off which may be because I couldn't get a good grip on the thing. I was able to hit a sheet of notebook paper consistantly at about 40 feet but without any type of pattern. However it ran like a champ, not one failure of any kind in 300 rounds fired. I noticed some brass markings on the top of the slide and noticed it sometimes ejected straight up for some reason.

This was a replacement for my Beretta TomCat .32 pistol. Overall I liked the TomCat much better since it had larger grips, and was far more accurate. However it didn't pack as well. I do plan on adding some padding around the P3AT grips and a rubber grip slip over along with some Bersa floorplates. Also planning to lighten the trigger pull a bit.

I do like the P3AT but feel it takes some getting used to.

7.62FMJ :)

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40 feet is pushing it for a bug. I generally shoot these from 7 yards. :-/
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