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This is a report on P3-AT #2 which I purchased several weeks ago for $215. New, unfired in box but purchased privately. When I stripped to do the F&B I noticed the slide could potentially have peening issues due to a thin wall and tapered bottom. Ordered the washers as sold here on KTOG and waited for them to arrive before firing.
Went to indoor range this morning and put through 90 rounds. 90 absolutely flawless rounds consisting of:

1. 30 AE FMJ's
2. 10 UMC FMJ's
3. 10 Blazer Brass
4. 20 Federal Hydrashock JHP
5. 10 Corbon DPX
6. 10 Corbon JHP's

Full magazines fired in under 5 seconds, 2 handed, 1 handed, weakhanded, the works. No failures of any kind, not a hiccup.

Upon cleaning I checked the slide and there is the tiniest of peening signs. A very small ridge around the hole. Twin #1 has none of this and has a visibly thicker wall and flat bottom.

The twins
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