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OK…..I will try not to sound like a school girl overly excited… but:

New P3AT… $272.50 tax, title, and license.

Serial # hzjxx (according to Kel-Tec birth date was 13 July 2007)(EDIT- OOOPSS 13 July 2006)

It is a blued slide with black grip…….and a very nice thick slide at the guide rod hole….   At lease as thick as a nickel.  (The only criteria I had for a new 3AT except price.)

Got it home Friday…  Bright and early Sunday AM….vigorous fluff and buff, including : Light polish of magazine parts, light polish all springs, polish guide rod, polish ramp, polish slide rails, polish barrel, cleaning out firing pin chamber, polish firing pin, and polish the trigger bar.  (The gun was amazingly dry.  No oil or grease at all under the trigger bar!)

Fluff and Buff  tools:

For those that think this is not needed, look at the trash in the middle of this picture.  It all came out of the brand new gun. (Except the silver fibers, they are from stainless steel wool that I ran through the barrel.)  Of course, if you do not have the confidence that you can safely take the gun down like this and put it back together, you probably should not try it.

A good cleaning, and lots of lube.  While I was at it, installed finger grip extension and Beach alloy mag catch.  (I will post about the mag catch later, but I am happy with them.)

Off to the range…..

20 rounds Remington UMC 95 gr ball.  NO failures of any kind.

Light cleaning, mostly the ramp and the inside area of frame.

21 rounds Winchester FMG 95 gr target (blunt nose).  NO failures of any kind.

Light cleaning, swipe two oiled patches through the barrel, wipe the ramp and the inside area of frame.

6 rounds CorBon DPX 80 gr.  NO failures of any kind.

7 rounds Speer Gold Dot 90 gr.  NO failures of any kind.  

A total of 54 rounds, 4 brands, three types........

After that I stopped and went home to change my jeans because I was so happy I peed myself.

BTW…… are the twins:


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I think you picked out a very nice one. I like the prep work. You did it right! 8)

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p3at said:
Hey I wish I could go back to the future too to get that ultra new batch of P3ATs. Where's that flux capacitor when you need it    ???

Opppsss...that was 13 July 2006.... I was so excited about the gun..I knew I would mess up the post.

Or was it that Kel Tec finaly got the slide thing fixed by July 2007?

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adamsesq said:
Tell me about the case they are in - waterproof?
No, not waterproof.

It is actually a one gun case...

I bought several in 3 sizes from Acadamey Sport.

The one in the picture was $2.99.

The larger size was $4 or $5 I think.

There is a way to lock them if you want.

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Glad to hear you are pleased with your new gun Nu.
I agree with you about the cleaning/fluff and buff.
Everyone shoud do this to ensure realibility and become familiar with their gun, especially if used for carry.
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