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Range report:

Took the gun apart last night to clean and oil the locking block and barrel. Disassembly was surprisingly challenging. I have owned something in the neck of the woods of 40 pistols, 35 rifles, and have been screwing around with mechanical stuff for 42+ years, and it took me a hot minute of noodling to disassemble and reassemble the handgun efficiently. I got it cleaned up, lubed and reassembled and repeated the process three times to test myself. I have a handle on it now.

I took 100 rounds of the CCI Gamepoint 40gr stuff and 50 rounds of the Hornady 45gr FTX to Shoot Indoors and loaded 30 rounds into one mag and 20 into another.

Firing the gun is… surprising. The trigger is very short, crisp and has a low weight of pull. The report and flash are…attention-getting. Recoil is not typical for a .22; the light weight of the gun and the greater powder in the cartridge over .22 LR results in a bit more jump in the hand.

Accuracy appears to be good - and possibly fantastic, when I get used to the handling of the weapon. I shot a tiny avatar of my target in the upper right hand corner of the target from ten yards and was rewarded with a smallish group - not bad for an older gentleman with presbyopia.

Function was much better than I could have hoped for, with three stoppages, all of which were caused by my clumsiness with the loading process. My Lula loader came in this afternoon after shooting and I tested it after I got back; if I’d had it I would have had 100% reliability today.

I have to state that I am delighted with my purchase. This gun is an amazing piece of technology and a joy to shoot. I can’t wait to put another 150 rounds through it!
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