Range Report at 447rds....Observations

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by chihuahuatn, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Aug 31, 2008
    Hello Everyone…..I have been reading this forum for a while and I wanted to post a range report about my Kel-Tec.  I have been carrying my P-3AT since July religiously and have racked up 447 rounds as of today. Below is my summary I’m sorry if it lengthy.

    Total Rounds Fired= 447, (two 6rd mags w/ +1 extensions used)
    5 FTF (feed) total
    0 FTE
    0 FTF (fire)
    0 random jams

    1st FTF: First day I bought the pistol without an initial cleaning I had a FTF @ count #2, with WWB ammo; I attributed this to not doing an initial cleaning and user error.

    @Round count # 179 a fluff and buff polish was done at this point my P-3AT was digesting PMC Bronze ammo and WWB with no issues. I also tested Corbon DPX 14rounds (my carry ammo) no issues.

    I typically shoot 25rds a range visit…once a week and clean the gun that day.  Hopps#9 and CLP.

    2nd , 3rd , 4th FTF all occurred with back to back range sessions (two different days)  with Georgia Arms factory reloaded .380 ammo @ around~ 350rd count (first time I used the ammo).  I was concerned that something was going on with the pistol so I stopped shooting the GA-arms ammo and switched to PMC Bronze and Seller and Bellot ammo and since then the FTF’s has stopped. I also shoot another 20rds of Corbon DPX w/ 0 issues.  For the record I love Georgia Arms factory reloads all my other guns eat them up w/ 0 issues so I will continue to buy from them in other calibers but for me I will be hesitant of using it in my Kel-Tec.

    Lesions I have learned:
    1) My Kel-Tec P-3AT is ammo sensitive and I suspect a lot of people in this board have had similar issues.
    2) The “Fluff and Buff” works very well every Kel-Tec should have one done. In addition each time I clean my P-3AT I also note where the wear is showing up and adjust the occlusion/wear accordingly with my dremal.
    3) I love my +1 mag extensions, the extra round is awesome and makes grip better in my hands, and this is huge advantage over the LCP in my opinion.
    4) I have a Gen. 2 so at every cleaning I tighten the extractor bolt.
    5) When changing magazines I always manually press down the mag-catch as to save on the plastic mag-catch wear.

    For the experienced users on this forum is there anything I could add/improve on? Also for those of you with high round counts, how well has your Kel-Tec held up over a few thousand rounds. I plan on replacing the recoil springs at around 600-700rds.
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    Hi, welcome aboard!

    Add/improve on... A metal mag catch when they become available. Grip pads and sleeve. Painted sights. A second P3AT, one for most of your practice and the second for carry. Maybe a laser for your heavy practice P3AT (I say maybe because though I recently bought an Armalaser its not yet on the gun and tried out). Maybe a laser for your carry pistol?

    Take care...

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    Great 1st post. I think you have it all figured out. :cool:
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    Good post, good information. Thanks for sharing.

    Bo Bryant
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    Welcome...Always rember clean, lube, shoot..with plenty lube...