Range report- Alaser a pain, picky ammo

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by voigts, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Sep 30, 2008
    I got my new chrome P3AT just over a week ago and fired it for the first time last Saturday at the handgun carry safety class. We only shot 50 rounds. I used Remington FMJ and had about 1 fail to feed out of every mag. I thought that maybe I was limpwristing or something seeing as I am a new to this small of a gun. That and I didn't seem to have a really good grip using the pinky extension.

    Today I went to the range. Seeing the suggestions here to try different brands of ammo, I took another box of Remington FMJ, a box of AE FMJ, a box of Winchester FMJ, and a 25 pack of Hydrashocks.

    I got in my +1 extension and removed the pinky extension. The +1 extension is a gem for me. It makes this gun so much easier and manageable. When I shot the first day last weekend, I was really hurting after 50 rounds. I went through about 145 rounds today and I'm only a bit sore.

    The range only had a 25 yard target. Trying to get my new Armalaser adjusted for that distance was a nightmare It would look fine with the sights from about 25ft, but at 75ft, it was way off. Every time I tried to adjust either the elevation or windage, it would knock the other adjustment off. They simply wouldn't adjust separately, and it took me about 30 minutes messing with them to finally get it to stay put lined up with the sights.

    As for ammo, making sure my stance is good and I'm holding the gun correctly, I first shot with the Remington. I couldn't even get 2 bullets out at a time without an FTF jam. It was such an aggravation that I gave up after 20 rounds and figured I'd change ammo.

    I next shot the Winchester FMJ. All 50 rounds, 7 in the mag, slow or rapid fire, and not one single FTF. The gun fired completely smooth.

    I then went to AE FMJ. I got an FTF about 1 or maybe 2 a mag. I shot the entire box like this and it was the same all the way through.

    I then shot the Hydrashocks. I got about the same 1 or 2 FTF per mag.

    I then went back and tried another 7 Remingtons, and they still wouldn't feed right.

    I realize this gun isn't quite broken in yet, but it seems very odd that Winchester shot flawlessly, but the rest all had some FTF issues, with the
    Remington being all but unfeedable. I've done the fluff and buff, and polished the feed ramp a bit more after the first shoot in the safety class. The gun is lubed per the goldenloki guide, grease and all.
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    Imagine how frustrated you'd be if you had not brought the WWB along. I think the ammo-selectivity may improve after more rounds, but meanwhile, get more WWB. Also, find some place wih a shorter range. 25 yards for this pistol is crazy for setting up a laser. 7 yards is about right.

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Houston-ish, TX
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    +1 [/quote]

    Also, with the laser sited in at 25 yards, shots from a closer distance will probably hit high. This is explained in the instructions due to the laser being below the axis of the barrel. I haven't got to try out my laser on my .380 yet, but when I took out my PF9 I had the laser pre-adjusted with the sights at 25ft. and my shots weren't even close. Once I had the laser sighted in the dot was actually lower than the sights.
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    Aug 6, 2007
    Back when I had an armalaser on my P3AT, I pulled out a ruller and measured the distance between the center of the bore and the laser beam. Assuming the bullet travels in a straight line, I worked out the best sight-in distance to be about 15 feet. I've forgotten the details, but IIRC this would put the impact site about 0.5" high at something like 7 feet, and about 0.5" low at 21 feet.
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    Sep 30, 2008
    The range I went to is an outdoor range that is only about 20-25 min from the house. The only other places to shoot are a couple of indoor ranges, one of which is ridiculously expensive, and the other is about 35 minutes away. I'll have to try to indoor range at some point. At least since I am consistently hitting the target at 25 yards I know 20ft is a breeze.

    I really like the way the trigger feels on this gun. The trigger squeeze tightens nicely so that it is easy to take up the slack when firing. The trigger also isn't that hard to pull. My Taurus PT140 that I just sold had the worst trigger squeeze to me. It was very long, much stiffer, and you couldn't tell when it was getting near firing.

    I cleaned my gun today, and now my laser is dead. I cleaned the carbon out of it, lightly sanded the battery contacts, tried new batteries, and nothing. This is only the second trip to the range with it. I'm pretty disappointed. RMA time.
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    Jul 25, 2005
    For determining how to set laser, here is a drop chart.  
    to use it, put a mark on the Y-0 axis the distance your laser is below the barrel, this will be below the curve line showing the bullet drop.

    next put a mark on the curve line at the range you want the laser zeroed.

    Draw a straight line (like the laser) across the chart.

    you can then count 1/4" increments between laser line and bullet curve for any range out to 30 yard


    and from an old post on how to rough in the laser