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Range Report - 150 Rounds, Perfect

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Just got back from the firing range with my new HC P3AT.  I performed a clean and lube with a slight F&B per my reading here on KTOG.  Used Remington Yellow Box UMC (ball) ammo.  Not a single FTF, FTE or any other issue.  I actually thought I would bring my cleaning kit for every 50 rounds, but just decided to push through the 150 with no cleaning.

My hat is off to Kel-Tec.  This is my daily carry from here on out. I do need more practice out to 30 feet, but to 20 feet the pattern was acceptable.
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That's great! It really is refreshing and encouraging to read posts like yours.

Bill K.
Thanks for your report, Bilbo.
My experience was similar. I took my new blued slide P3AT shooting yesterday, with no issues.
Accuracy is just fine. Here's my target at 4 yards.

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Similar experience with two of these little P3AT pistols. I did nothing except clean them very carefully every 50-100 rounds and lube all friction points with Lubriplate, which makes them very slick. I am sure that other light greases out there may produce similar results. In spite of the lower price, I am thinking the Kel Tec 380 may be the best micro on the market.
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