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My P-3AT had repeated jams and FTEs factory new. At one point I was getting a 50% failure rate. Regular brass target loads were unusable. I could not use 6 in the magazine and one in the chamber without having some kind of failure.

I sent it back twice. Kel-Tec was great, fast turn-around. I think the second time they replaced the ejector mechanism and did a fluff-n-buff.

Yesterday I tested the final warranty repair at the range. I shot 100 rounds of regular brass target loads -- the kind that previously had been unusable in the P-3AT. I had zero failures.

The P-3AT is hard to shoot. It's not a comfortable target gun. So my right hand gets the shakes after the first 15 or twenty rounds. Even so, at 10 and 15 yards I was hitting 6" groups and got a couple of dead-on bulls-eyes. I loaded 7 rounds with about half the magazine loads (6 in mag, 1 in chamber), and still had zero failures.

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