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Range fail

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So, I blasted thru 30 rounds at 7 yards (middle target)
Then 30 rounds at 10 yards ( bottom target)
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And I tried a mag of mixed 30gr rounds and started to get bang, click.
At first, I thought failure to fire. But when I pulled the slide, an empty case was ejected. So I was getting repeated failure to extract. It would fire, then click. Pull slide, empty case ejects.
Then I started getting failures to fire. Different ammo, different magazines.
Fail. Fail. Fail.
Never could get it to fire again...
I admit she is very filthy.
But I left the range disappointed....
sounds like it is an ejector claw issue maybe?
The extractor claws are covered in powder burns, but they move freely. I've field stripped it. But that doesn't get me to the firing pin. How do I check my firing pin?
Excellent video and walk-through!

Yes. Thanks. I'm gonna check mine.
So it's definitely a broken firing pin.
Oh and the top target in that pic is S2k at 25 yards off hand with iron sights.
I ended up replacing the firing pin. And she worked as good as ever. I haven't shot it lately. Going to give it a shake down.
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