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Range day

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Took my 17” RDB out to set up the gas settings and sight in the Primary Arms 3x SLX Micro Prism optic. Very successful on all counts. It didn’t take me long to zero the optic at 100yds. The ACSS system makes sighting targets and range adjustments a breeze. 3x seems to be a good all around magnification for general use.

I got the gas system adjusted so it’s 100% reliable with my SOCOM 556 suppressor and without it. Fairly soft shooting and no case dents. Zero powder blast to the face or arm shooting suppressed.

Point of impact changed 3” higher with the suppressor at 100yds, but the optic reticle makes adjustments easy. I really have to praise Primary Arms as much as the RDB.

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20 rounds went into a nice ragged hole at 50yds suppressed… I was using IMI 5.56 M193. Good stuff…

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I have the SWFA 4X24 scope on my RDB and RFB. It's a similar concept to the Primary Arms ACSS which I thought I purchased for one of my semi-auto carbines, but apparently not. It looks like they're all either SWFA 4X scopes or Sightron red dots on the shorter range pistol caliber firearms.

I need a good range day... or three.
I have a Vortex Strike Eagle on my 20” RDB. I’m kind of making that one into a DMR.

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