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I recently picked up a new OWB holster and mag carrier. Made by Kirkpatrick Leather. These are nice items, and reasonably priced. The quality is top notch, and they fit beautifully. I really like the dark chocolate brown color. [edit] My picture below accurately shows the semi-gloss dark brown color. The pictures on the Kirkpatrick website show a lighter, duller, less reflective color. I would have been happy enough with the color as shown on the website, but I am MUCH happier with what I actually received! The color has a very rich feel to it. Could be their website photos have exposure issues, or too-flat lighting. [/edit] They quoted an eight week turnaround (their stuff is all handmade to order), but it took less than that, between 5 between 6 weeks.

This holster holds my heavy full-sized pistol firmly against the body. Tucked in nice and tight. And it has a flap behind the slide to protect your skin. Just the way I like a holster to be. Also, there is ample clearance around the trigger to get a full firing grip on the pistol before you start withdrawing it from the holster. I am using this holster on a Beltman bullhide belt.

Note that when using a solid leather gunbelt like the Beltman with a holster of this style (I guess you'd call it a pancake holster), that it takes a little effort to slide the holster onto the belt and position everything perfectly on your body. Allow a few extra minutes getting dressed to get everything attached properly.

$84 for the holster, $35 for the mag pouch.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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