Put up some sweet corn today

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Jdeere562, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Jdeere562

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    Mar 26, 2005
    Man, I'm stiff and sore! Drank a couple beers with friends last night, one knew a farmer with an excess of corn, all for free. Three of my Buddy's went into that sweltering hot cornfield, and picked about 1/3 of a full size pickup box full of corn. Sure glad I was grocery shopping at Hy-Vee when the first phone call came.
    They accused me of using caller ID... ;)

    There were 4 of us guys. One is an incessant counter, can't believe that! We dealt with 147 DOZEN ears of sweet corn today. 147 X 12 = 1764! 147 dozen ears means we did approximately 36 dozen each. Ouch.

    After we all had enough for our freezer space, we quit. One of the friends had someone he works with, that he was sure would take the excess. We guess-
    timated there were 10 dozen ears left. The dude had a 45 minute drive, but was all over the offer.

    Anyway, we drank some well deserved beer and bagged the left over corn, 24 ears per bag. Ended up with 10 bags full. Poor dude will be up all night doing 20 dozen ears of corn by himself.

    Oh well, it will sure taste good for him in January!    ;D
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    May 6, 2008
    Man, that's a mess of corn. My sweet corn here in south GA was in the freezer back in early July.