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put in my place

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Today I took my 15 year old daughter to the range for the first time to give her some experience and show her how to handle a firearm. We naturally went over all the safety issues before we got there, and also her stance and gun grip. We got there and I put 12 rounds thru my p3at at about 25 in a fairly nice grouping, now my daughter's turn. At about 15 feet she proceded to put 100 rounds thru my 3at at 3 different targets with about 10 bulls eyes and about 4 nice groupings on each one. She did limp wrist twice because of her adreniline rush and she got hand tired. She loaded the magazines herself and even swept up the casings when she was done. On the way there I was the big Dad who was going to show my kid how to shoot but on the way home I was the Dad who was put in his place!!!! Anyone out there feel my "pain"?????
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  Sounds like you need a little more practice. Especially practice of trigger control with snap caps.

  It's ON now! You can't just take this lying down. ;D

Isn't that what most parents hope for?

The next generation will surpass the last! ;D
Certainly make you proud her though doesn't it. :D
Women are inherently better shots.
Be sure and tell her boyfriends, first time they come over.
That's great news! When my son can beat me in arm wrestling I'll be as proud as my dad was when I beat him. Though it took me many years to be able to beat him.
wgoble said:
Be sure and tell her boyfriends, first time they come over.
AHHHHH! Even the thought of it makes me think I need more guns.

Welcome to the world of knowing what WE did with somebody else's daughter, now that we have daughters of our own.

Hope you kept one of her targets to show the boys when they come and pick her up for a date in a couple of years.
You may need a little work on your shooting but it seems you are a first class teacher!
dsquared said:
Hope you kept one of her targets to show the boys when they come and pick her up for a date in a couple of years.
HAHAHA, that was my first thought too! ;D
She kept 3 of her targets and right after we got home she proudly put them up on her wall. When her stepmom came home from work the first thing she did was show her the targets{another laugh on me}.I also have 3 older boys the youngest is 17 {he lives with his mom} and he wants to be on Miami's swat team..I can't wait to take him out...
::) Sounds like my 16 year old Amanda. After a couple of days of firearm familization we took her to the range with her new match 22 rifle. (Note, she wants to eventually be on the US shooting teams). After a bit of dry fire and adjustments she started her first practice at 50'. Out of a possible 100 score, she shot a 98. The "lowest" score she shot was a 97 out of 20 targets and open sights. We moved her to 25 yards, gave her one round for ranging, and she duplicted the results, with the lowest score of a 98.

Now we are working on shrinking the groups, currently you can cover them with a nickle, she wants it to be smaller than a dime, and preferably "1"hole.

Thats my girl, and she has her 2 best frinds that shoot "almost" as well.
J ;D
;) Forgot something, she only shoots CMP match targets. "Unless" she gets bored, then she will toss a 12 guage case out and see hor far she can "walk" it befor she misses. Best yet is about 60 yards.

:eek: J
desert eagle that's realy funny my daughter's name is Amanda also!!!!!!!!!!!
;) That is interesting. Next thing your going to tell me is that she is in band, cross country and on the swim team, as well as a straight A student !!!!
;)'The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference ,
they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.'
(George Washington)
Similar story, bought the wife a Tomcat cause she couldnt rack the slide of the 3AT. So I go through the safety steps with her and give her some pointers and then she proceeds to show me up! She was a way better shot than me with that gun. Hopefully when my 4 y/o gets old enough, she will be interested in guns.
She is old enough. My first shot was a 12ga 3" mag at age 5.
The cricket 22 rifle is just right and only 99bucks at wally world.

Teach em young and you like longer.
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