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    Feb 14, 2005
    Like many others, I've been wishing for an extended magazine for my P3-AT ever since I traded in my P32 earlier this year.  I had the KT 10-rounder for the P32, and carried it every day in my backup mag holder, when I was pocket-carrying the P32 (summertime, deep-concealment).  The same leather mag holster, which I think was intended for Walther mags, held the 10-rnd .32 mag or the extra mag for my FEG SMC-918 with finger rest.  But at the time I got the P3-AT, no extended magazine was readily available.  

    At a local gun show last weekend, I discovered a magazine seller with 10 and 15-rnd ProMags for the P3-AT.  I've had my issues with ProMags before, but I couldn't pass this up, so I bought the 10-rounder, knowing the 15-rounder would never fit in my mag holster and might be less reliable.  

    I haven't had a chance to range-test the new magazine yet, but my extensive manual-cycling tests have all been positive.  I plan on loading the extended backup mag with FMJ's.  (My primary mag is loaded with Golden Sabres).

    One thing, the extended mag came with a finger rest, which is totally pointless, since when the mag is inserted the floorplate is far below the hand.  So naturally I switched out the floorplates, placing the finger rest plate on one of my 6-rnd standard mags, and a stock flat Kel-Tec floorplate in the extended mag.  I like it, although I'm sure the Kel-Tec finger rest floorplate would fit better; there is about a 1/8" gap to the bottom of the mag well when the standard mag with ProMag finger rest is installed in the pistol (see pic #1), but nevertheless it feels great in my hand.  The finger rest slips perfectly and naturally between my ring and little fingers, and the pistol feels much more stable in my hand, see pic #2:

    Standard Mag with ProMag floorplate:

    Standard Mag in hand:

    Extended Mag with stock Kel-Tec Floorplate inserted, this mag came with the finger rest, which is obviously completely pointless.

    Extended Mag with stock Kel-Tec Floorplate in mag holster:

    Has anyone else tried these new Promags yet?  Did yours come with the finger rest?  Did you see the obvious like I did (pic #3), and remove the finger rest from the long extended mag?  I hope to get to the range in the next week to test out the extended magazine, has anyone else had the opportunity to test one?

    Just like with the P32, it just makes sense to me to carry an extended mag in the spare position, where there is plenty of room and you have that much extra ammo available, while the standard mag maintains the size and concealability of the pistol in the pocket.  Besides, my spare magazine holster is too big for my extra standard 6-rnd P3-AT mag, so it works out all around.
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    May 6, 2010
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    Were you aware that Kel Tec now offers a 9 round mag for the P3AT that has a full grip extender to fill in the space between the bottom of the grip and the bottom of the mag instead of just a finger-rest baseplate?  I haven't tried one, yet because I prefer to buy from my LGS rather than ordering online and my LGS didn't have any the last time I was in there (although I am confident that they will, soon - or may have, already, as I haven't been there in a few weeks.)

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    Jun 13, 2005
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    Dec 1, 2009
    Would love to see a pic of this on the gun if anybody has one?
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    May 18, 2010
    Pro mags seem to be hit or miss. Let us know how yours holds up.
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    May 6, 2010
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    Would love to see a pic of this on the gun if anybody has one?

    At the link I posted, below the pic of the mag, there are a couple of 'extra images' that show the mag in the pistol.  You have to be quick, though, because the page only shows for a short time then you are redirected to Kel Tec's new site - and the page on the new site for the 9 round mag doesn't have the extra pics.  The enlarged pics show in a popup window without an address bar but let me see if I can hit the 'properties' option and get the url for the pics.

    Try these:

    The LGS did have some of the 10 round mags for the P32 that is made the same as the 9 rounder for the P3AT.  My mom bought one for her P32 and it basically turns the P32 grip into a full-hand grip.  I'm sure the 9 rounder would do the same for the P3AT.  I wouldn't want to try and carry it with that mag but carry with a standard mag with the extended one as a backup should work well.
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    Jun 5, 2009
    I bought 2 of the 9rd magaines and they are great. No failures of any kind.
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    Oct 27, 2009
    I have both a 10 and a 15 round mags for my P-3at for over 6 months and I have had no failures what so ever. Both of them came with the finger rest. If you think the rest is useless on a 10 rounder you should see it on a 15! I could grip the pistol and place my off hand on the magazine below and still not contact the finger rest! I have two 6 rounders and I did the same baseplate swap. These PROMAGs have been great. Now the 33 rounders I had for my Glocks and my SUB 2000 were absolute junk. Maybe the PROMAGs only have problems with the double stacks. The length of the 15 round mag make it impractical to carry. I carry the pistol with the 10 round as a backup on me and the 15 rides in my laptop bag or stays in the car In my BOB.