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    Sep 10, 2004
    Tried to log on with my old screen name--not registering.  Tried to register my old screen name and part of the system took it but never received an email notice to my hotmail email address.  Went back in and applied for a second sending on lost password and the system thought that it sent one but never arrived.  

    So I'm now registered with a name variation and guess that this will work but there is something glitching in the system--and no way to alert the webmaster other than this.

    If I could figure out any other way to relate this I would have.   Disappointed to find out that some jerk spun the discussion group but guess that it's a little like dog doo--just have to wipe it off and press on.

    Leo In St. Augustine
    p.s. While I'm whining about stuff, how about a review section for the P-3AT in the main menu?