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Did my first F/B tonite. Was looking for something to buff out the chamber. Tried to find a wooden dowel or something, then I spotted a wooden Kreg Pocket Hole plug! (You woodworkers will know what this is!)

It's basically a wood dowel ::), but with a chamfered cut to one end. Fit perfectly into the chamber (round end!) and with some polishing compound I was able to clean'er up.

Then I used the pointy end to polish other areas I couldn't reach with my dremel (felt buffer was too big). With the wood there's no problem scratching anything.

Got to love the lil kreg pocket jig!

FYI... If you are wood worker, I just bought 17 nice clamps at local LOWES for 20 cents each, regular almost $3 each. They are big enough to easily calmp 2 inch thick.

They are being discontinued!

I digress.... Welcome to the group Rusty.
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