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Conventional PHs, with the bore long axis at vertical, work fine in pants.


I want one for my angled windbreaker side pockets where the bore axis might be 40-60 degrees from horizontal.

The problem is the naked 380 will flop on to its side or even upside down in the pocket, only a very slow draw is possible then. A snug fitting wind breaker is out of the question.

Is there something on the market?

Velcro could be attached inside the pocket so that a velcro type webbing holster could be attached. Or a Uncle Mikes IWB could be velcroed and modified to mount the same.

My guess is that a conventional pocket holster which is modified to carry the weapon at 45 degrees will still be floppsie and difficult unless a spacer is included near the top.

I'll try the velcro thing unless something turns up.
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