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I made this [ame=""] video [/ame]at the beginning of the month with the intentions of showing you guys and never got around to it. Some of the things I looked and tested were:
-how the rounds sat when I loaded the magazine. I noticed that sometimes if I loaded them too fast that some did not seat right and would end up at an angle.
-fitment of the magazine. some people say that they fix the f/f by raising the magazine or modifying it to fit higher which does sort of fix it but that is not the real cause of the F/F.
-barrel fitment- If the barrel had tighter tolerances this would be a fix to but it is not the main cause of the f/f
-The main cause of f/f are the extractors. The extractors are far enough down to grab the casing and high enough that if the barrel does not push the casing up when it racks back it loses grip. think of it like trying to hold a cylinder with 2 points of contact. if you hold the cylinder dead center you'll be able to pick up the cylinder every time. but if you try to hold it a bit higher you can still pick it up some of the time. Which is what is happening with the pmrs.

The main reason are the ejectors. The slack of the barrel + the size of the ejectors + the magazine = the perfect storm.
when you push the magazine up this causes the barrel to seat the round higher and the ejectors are able to grab. Most of the time the force of the slide closing is enough to seat the round where it can eject it.

Let me know what you think.


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