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After seeing the above posted picture somewhere via google, it dawned on me how similar in holstering the PLR-22 is in idea and style (though not size) to the C-96 Mauser "broomhandle" pistol.

I know that's probably a bit of an artistic stretch, but bear with the overall idea for a bit. I noticed the back of the receiver area, and it's slant, while I was looking at a similarly slanted end on the broomhandle's wooden shoulder stock holster (which had a leather outer holster rig to hold it), and mentally flipped it in my minds eye to the service position. And saw that if made to the dimensions of the PLR (minus the magazine, I'll get to the in a minute), it would attach and work quite well. And look rather stylish as well. Figuring that it is a pistol, and not a rifle, it needs a holster. Now of course such a suggestion isn't legal for most people (this is just an artistic expression conversation here), unless you are willing to pay for the $200 tax stamp. Maybe if this is a workable idea, someone might try this. Anyway, you would leave the cut out for the grip, just as in the original, but have it wide enough to have the magazine well, and the trigger guard slide entirely into the hinged lid wooden box holster. (google C-96 Broomhandle Mauser holster in images tab to get the idea). The holster is usually flipper over to allow the slanted metal dovetail slide fitting to attach to the grip. In this case, it would be a bit higher up, joining to the slanted rear of the PLR, just behind the receiver.

Anyway, I know it is a pretty whacked idea. It started because I had a bolt of faux padded alligator skin upholstery that I had redone some kitchen stools in. And I was trying to figure out a cool use for the scraps. I thought a huge holster (not unheard of, look at the Wyatt Erp Buntline) would be a neat idea. As open and concealed carry is legal in my state without a permit (Amen, and pass the ammo!), I was having crazy ideas about how to stylishly wear my PLR with something more than just a sling. After all, it is light, even though it is bulky. And it would seem less threatening in a holster, than around my neck. So I started browsing for ideas, and found the above picture. Then hanging in that vertical orientation, it struck me how the whole idea reminded me of the C-96 (A cool gun in it's own right. Just ask Han Solo, or any Star Wars fan).

Of course if you don't use "the box" as anything more than a holster, by not adding a means of attachment, it still looks cool. And it will function as a holster, without the need for a tax stamp.

Oh, and the magazine? an attached leather outer pocket on the carrying rig for wooden inner holster. Just 1 magazine though. More would be awkward. Of course you could make a separate dual leather pouch for the other side of the belt, as per original.

As this is just for fun, unless you want to get a tax stamp, lets see if anyone has any cool ideas on this. I bet Diresta could make this idea work! (On YouTube, for those who do not know his work).

Enjoy, be safe, have fun.
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