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I posted it awhile back and had a potential buyer that never showed up for the exchange......Please don't do that, Thanks!
OK here it is.
(the pics are examples, my camera is broke)
The Kel-Tec PLR-16 in 5.56 NATO with Kel-Tec handgaurd and flash hider.
1-MWG 90rd drum
3-30rd mags steel colt follower
1- aimpoint 3x magnifier w/twist off mount
1- EOtech 552 knockoff, held zero for over 100 rds (just a red dot to get you started).
500rds black hill red box (not there reloads)
300rds israeli q193 (you can't get these anymore)
100rds Wolf ammo
50rds Target reloads
this is over $1750.00 worth of stuff, I'm open to all offers just don't offer anything less than $1000.00. This is a great package, and I WILL NOT SPLIT IT UP.
Shipping will be figured out after the sale, I try to ship everything USPS Flat rate.
Sorry forgot to add, this pistol only has 100rds (give or take 20rds) through the barrel. It is the chrome lined barrel.
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