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I'm writing this because the results of my searches didn't offer enough working detail to my (and seemingly others') problem---
Got a NIB P-11 from a local dealer.
At home, I loaded the mag with the rounds I snagged from another 9mm.
The top most round (a JHP) in the stack is one a neighbor gave me. (see pic. Sorry about quality - the camera on this phone really stinks) He swore this is good protection ammo. The remaining stack is Cor-bon JHP.
Rack in the first round. Try to eject it, and the slide barely moves.
After securing the Kel-Tec supplied trigger guard (the correct way), I ended up whacking the handle at the serial number with a rubber hammer while the front edge of the slide is against the edge of a wood block.
I get just enough room to squeeze a jeweler's screwdriver between the round's rim groove and the gun's ejector.
Pulled the slide then the round's case dropped out.
Here's the reason for the thread title....
I didn't have a wood dowel that would fit the barrel in order to tap out the bullet. So I ask the wife if she has any ideas. In just a short moment, she asks if a plastic coat hanger would work. I cut out a 6" piece and it took only one tap! She's helped me out of so many jams! (Pun intended)
The slide still seems quite stiff and will definitely require the break-in so many of you talk about. For sure, the 'fluff and puff' procedure is in my future before the shooting range!

Lots of lessons learned here (I'm sure you can read between the lines). I hope this helps others as well. Thank you all for sharing so much of your knowledge in this forum.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to be short and (hopefully) sweet, leaving out fine details. Therefore, it may read like I'm new to guns. Yes, I'm no expert; no, I don't shoot regularly; yes, I read and watched what I could find here and elsewhere; yes, I'm VERY careful.
Please don't waste your time (and the thread reader's) posting procedure and such. I've read them, they've read them. This post is intended to be specifically informational. Your mileage may vary. 8)


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