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Pistol grip stock

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Hi Just got my pistol grip with the collapsible stock and after assembly I noticed the stock fits slightly loose on the rear tube. If you hold it tight to your shoulder it stays put, but the stock has about 1/16th" of rotational movement (it twists slightly on the tube if you hold the receiver and move/twist the stock).

Is there a way to fix any play in the Kel Tec one, or will buying a different AR15 stock to replace the standard one make it tighter? Don't own any AR's so I am unsure if the movement is normal.
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I have had an opposite experience at the local gun shop with a SU16 with an adjustable stock. The thing was so tight that it took great force to move it from position to position.

You may want to measure your tube and the hole in the stock. I'm not sure what tube diameter they use, probably mil spec. Really, it's nothing to get too bent out of shape about. My AR15 has the same thing with a mil spec tube and matching Magpul MOE stock, it's a little loose. Many other budget AR15's like the DPMS's and Deltons have this little amount of play in the stock. If it does bother you a lot, try upgrading the stock to one with a retention lever to take the play out of the stock like the Magpul CTR stock.
The SU-16 AR stock adapter and pistol grip uses a commercial spec buffer tube. I recommend a Magpul MOE butt stock. I bought one for a nice price and I'm extremely pleased with it. Fits nice and tight and the rubber butt pad helps with preventing slippage in the shoulder.
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