{PICTURES} Old/New Golden Sabers & Win Silver Tips

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    Mar 9, 2010
    One of the members was puzzled as to why some Golden Sabers expanded in ballistic gelatin and som didn't.  I explained that a few years ago Remington changed the design and the new Golden Saber closely resembles the Winchester Silvertip and that the new one is the one that expands, the old design didn't expand and when it did the jacket usually separated from the core--very undesireable when your life depends on it, very limited penetration

    Anyhow I said I would shoot some pictures.  From left to right, the bullets are, #1 old style Golden Saber, #2 new style Golden Saber, #3 Winchester Silvertip.  In my opinion, the new Golden Saber and Winchester Silvertip are 2 of the best bullets on the market, I think the Barnes X bullets are at the top and 2nd place isn't even close--mainly because of their expansion--it's astronomical!!!



    Hope this clears up any confusion about Golden Sabers and will educate folks who go by the stuff--they will know which bullet to look for and which to avoid.  The new Golden Saber is still a fine round and a good choice for a defensive round.
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    Re: {PICTURES} Old/New Golden Sabers & Win Silver

    very nice - thanks!

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    thanks for posting. i'm having a little trouble seeing the difference between the bullets in the these photos. do all the newly designed GS cartridges come in the nickel casings?
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    Re: {PICTURES} Old/New Golden Sabers & Win Silver

    Interesting pictures. I think I see a difference in the cartridge case of the two GS rounds. The old round appears to be brass and the newer one nickel plated. Don't know if that's significant. However, checking my GS on hand that I recently tested (all expanded), all boxes are the nickel plated cases and the bullets all the same cavities. GoldenLoki shows a nickel plated case on the round he tested that he got no expansion. Brassfetcher does not show a round, only the expanded bullet.
    In my velocity comparisons, all the lots I tested had over 800fps, and as noted all expanded fine in wetpack tests. Both GL and BF noted velocities less than 800fps. BF got expansion, GL didn't.
    Therefore, I still can't understand why the difference since my ammo looks like the "new" stuff.
    Perhaps we need more velocities tests by those having Rem GoldenSaber ammo on hand. A Chrony is inexpensive and one of the most valuable things you can own if you shoot much.

    Later, when Midway shows the new "UltimateHomeDefense" 102gr ammo available, I'll order some and see how it compares. Testing is fun.
    Hope GL does some more tests too.
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    Re: {PICTURES} Old/New Golden Sabers & Win Silver

    Reply, it sounds like I have caused a case of mass confusion!!!  These are reloads, I order my bullets from Midway and have for the last 30 years.  Sorry for any confusion the cases may have caused but I have factory ammo I have bought and the Old GS's and New GS's in them are the same, that is, like the picture above--cupped out VS a deep channel.  If you can't find any new GS's, get a Winchester hollowpoint and it looks about 98% the same, funneled down about 2.5 mm and then a straight channel about 1 mm in diamter and 2 - 3 mm long.  These are the ones that expand, the old cupped out GS's weren't much more effective than FMJ's.

    Again, sorry for increasing the confusion factor!!!