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Just because I could and had nothing else better to do today.  ;D
Shot a round of each into plastic washer fluid jugs filled with water from four (4') away.
Temp:  53 deg F.
Bullet#1:  .380 Speer GoldDot 90Gr GDHP
Bullet#2:  .380 CorBon 90Gr JHP

Both bullets penetrated the first jug and came to rest inside the second jug.
Both fully expanded.  Without calipers it's hard to tell.  The CorBon looks slightly wider.

I've been carrying the CorBons, but have a full box of GoldDots.  My critical defense rounds are backordered until May.  Both the Corbon and the GoldDots function perfect in my gun.  Just can't decide which round to carry and this test didn't help me decide.


YooperP3at said:
Both bullets penetrated the first jug and came to rest inside the second jug.
Both fully expanded.  

Wow - that was really all the penetration either round got?  Makes me think I need to test some SD rounds from my P3AT - if I can ever find any kind of variety of SD rounds for it.  Brassfetcher's results with .380 ammo indicate that, of the rounds tested there, Federal Hydra-Shoks gave some of the best penetration results with at least some (consistent) expansion.  That is what I have been carrying but have considered changing - maybe I shouldn't, after all.  I back that up with Remington UMC JHPs which I have heard don't expand much, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all.

Just to give some comparison (and to show why I am a bit surprised) I tested a few .22WMR rounds out of my Heritage Rough Rider 6.5 inch barrelled SA revolver.  I was using the round gallon jugs that RV and camper anti-freeze comes in (very similar to the washer fluid jugs.)  Fired from about seven yards,  the Winchester Supreme 34 grain bullet expanded like a premium SD round and - like the .380 you tested - passed through the first jug and was found in the second.

The Winchester Super X 40 grain JHP didn't do quite as well on expansion but actually through-penetrated both the first and second jug - I recovered it from between the second and third jug.

CCI Maxi-Mags - both JHP and FMJ - through penetrated several jugs (can't remember if it was three or four) and just kept going.  I kind of suspect that the JHP Maxi-Mag bullet didn't expand much if at all.

Anyhow, it is a little disconcerting to hear that plain, old Winchester Super X in .22WMR penetrated better - with at least some expansion - than either of these premium SD rounds in .380 - and the fast-expanding Supremes, mostly intended for little critters, penetrated just as well.  Of course, the .380 makes a bigger hole but still...

Pics for reference (bullets are both lying on their sides, not a top view in the pics - neither seemed to have 'shed' much, if anything):

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