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Picked up my first, a black one, today at the "Nations Gunshow" in Chantilly, VA for $389. ($405 OTD)

There were a good number (10-15) in black scattered about with prices from $399 to $499 (! Trader Jerrys of all places...), two tan I saw, and one blue. The colored ones were going from $440 - $479.

I really wanted a green, then tan second, but wasn't about to pay $60 to settle for the tan.

One thing I noticed, the tans had "blackish" looking mag wells - as if paint was wearing off or had poor coverage. Are the colored models coated or pigmented polymer? That was another reason I ended up with black - figuring I'd be upset if I paid the premium for a color and it rubbed off.

Bought it home and the wife picked it and now wants it. She said she'd "take it" and I could get a green....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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