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Shot some rounds into a stack of magazines today just for fun to see what the expansion looked like with different rounds. Just for fun!!! Nothing scientific here.
Keltec P3at and Keltec P11.
4"inch stack of magazines (dry).
Shot from a distance of 3' feet.

Ammo .380:
#1-Corbon 90gr jhp
#2-Federal 90gr hydra-shock
#3-Hornady 90gr jhp xtp
#4-Winchester Silvertips 85gr jhp
#5-Blazer 95gr fmj

Ammo 9mm:
#6-Remington umc 115gr jhp
#7-Winchester 115gr fmj

All four .380 jhp's were found at approx. the same distance. 3/4" into the 1" thick JC Penny catalog.
The .380 fmj was found at the back of the 1" thick catalog.

Condition of bullets:
#1-six large pieces #2-one piece(hollow point plugged) #3-three large pieces
#4-two large pieces(several small pieces) #5-one piece
**(#1 #3 #4 lead seperated from jacket)**
**Hydra-shok and FMJ almost same expansion**

9mm Results:
#6-found 1/4" into 2nd catalog. Two pieces(jacket seperated from lead)
#7-exited 2nd 1/2" catalog and shot out the side. (not found)

This was a non-scientic test just for fun :)

Sorry about the scenery..didn't notice pictures until after pulling bullets out.

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