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Some of our gunboards seem to have a thread like this, the PF9 board didn't. Obviously the PF-9 is a very hot seller these days and a lot of new folks here doing research would probably like to see this information.

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Beyond that, you can add any information you like below that field.

-- New or used: used
-- Where purchased: Gunzone in Mesquite Tx.
-- When purchased: 4/14
-- Serial number range: S3Q
-- Slide/barrel finish : blued
-- Grip finish black
-- Marked price: $225
-- Paid price: same

So after buying this skinny bitch.I.took it to the range to shove some rounds thru it, and jammed several times so I took it back to the good folks at Gunzone, their smith “worked on it” it shot a little better but not I put it away ..six years later pulled it out to shoot and 3 rds in jam..ok this sucks so I called KelTec..they said, send it to us we’ll fix that’s where it is at the moment..They call it an update..does anybody know what that process entails?

* To keep this a good, fast resource, please, no replies other than from purchasers. I you have a question for a poster, please send a PM or start another thread, if appropriate.

TxCajun :cool:
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