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1st this not one of the u tube perfect tests . It a back yard hillbilly test :D

I went out today a hung a piece of card board on my target frame about size of adult groin to neck . I backed off to around 20' . I then drew fast as I could and fired 2 fast shots from hip level one handed unsighted . 1st COM 2nd hi left shoulder .
Holstered and repeated till 2 mags fired . I keep majority in chest, not pretty little bitty group. Just good enough BG be in a serious hurt. His heart and lungs be serious damage. Group around 8" measured with my knife .

Went it took break on internet . Got my CW9 out with 2 mags put up a 2nd target . Results were terrible 5 rounds missed totally rest look like 00 buck at 30 yards all over the place.
Now in all fairness I have never been a real fan of the CW9 I carry and shoot the PF-9 way more. As always PF-9 performed flawless .

My daughter's live in wants the CW-9 I think when he comes up with the money He will own.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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