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Replace the flexible, rough plastic trigger on your weapon with a rigid and comfortable precision machined aircraft grade aluminum trigger.
This trigger will fit all variations of the SU-16, PLR-16, SU-22, and PLR-22.
Designed for maximum comfort and to provide a more positive and cleaner trigger pull and break.
Machined from solid bar stock and hard black anodized for strength and durability.
Choose between a skeletonized and standard version.

Let Performance Services help you build the best.

Todd J. Jensen, Proprietor
Performance Services LLC
2245 FM 969
Webberville, TX 78621



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The trigger pull on the PLR 22 is stated by Kel Tex at 6.12 lbs. way too heavy for target. What is lightest recommenced? I’m thinking 4 lbs, any suggestions on where to get springs?
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