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Since I consider the 18" RFB more of a battle rifle than a precision/competition rifle I decided to put a fixed 4x ACOG on it as my main optic. I also will use this from time to time for local 3-Gun Matches so I wanted a Mini Red Dot for CQB shots. I first tried an Insight MRDS which works pretty well but the 45 degree mount when used as a left hander put the MRDS a little in the sight picture of the ACOG. Luckily I found out that Vortex makes the perfect 45 degree mount for the Vortex Razor which I already had on one of my shotguns. The Vortex Razor screws directly to the mount instead of sitting on a short picatinny rail so it puts it closer to the bore but still is out of the ACOG's field of view. Seems to be a much cleaner package.

Here is also a pic of my small but growing bullpup family. I use the KSG for 3-gun matches as well as HD. One of the 16" MSAR E4's has a suppressor dedicated (screw on) and on the other I cut the barrel down to 13" and blind pinned on a Noveske Flaming Pin. Makes for a super short package and keeps the blast out of my face.

And yes, that is a 40mm chalk round. I have a registered 40mm DD that I break out every now and then. Now if I could only figure out a mount for the 40mm to sit under the RFB hand guard.

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