P3AT sight modification's?

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    Oct 7, 2010
    OK, I’ve got some questions about the P3AT before I purchase one for back up carry purposes. The PF-9 has exceeded all of my expectations and I’m beginning to consider it the cat’s meow for off duty carry, to the point my Glock 27 might be going into hibernation mode in the safe for a while. The only thing about the P3AT that I’d like to determine as feasible is widening the rear sight grove and putting a larger front sight on it.
    Widening the rear sight grove is feasible, I’ve seen it done, but the front sight has me perplexed because it would have to be readily to the shooter’s eye but still be small enough not to hinder gun concealment. Anyone tried out something that they liked in a modification such as this? Also, I haven’t dissembled a P3AT so I don’t know if a grove could be milled across the front of the slide for a drift in front sight or not.
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    Jul 24, 2008
    I remember a couple of threads about people using front sights for shotguns on their P3's. The first one was a small fiber optic sight that they glued on with some type of automotive adhesive.

    The other had the front sight milled off then it was drilled and tapped to accept threaded shotgun sights. I think he included a picture of the P3 with a bead from a shotgun as a front sight.

    Try searching for the threads and you could PM them for more details if you are interested.


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    Nov 18, 2007
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    I used the hi viz shotgun sight before as a front sight. I liked it. It sits just slightly higher than the stock sight so you may need to aim a little bit higher. I also used some green/chartreuse fishing lure paint for the rear sight to make it stand out a bit more. I changed slides when mine peened and was replaced. I just can't bring myself to mod my nice and shiny HC slide now. If you search for HI-VIZ in the P3AT section, you should find the thread with pics of the guy who first posted it.

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Thank's for the link's and comment's fellow's, I was impressed by how well the project's indicated turned out. I see a project in my near future...