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    Dec 27, 2005
    After reading the comments on the P3AT trigger pin issues I decided to finally join in and add my two cents worth. I bought one of the first P11/9's new back in the middle of 95. I recently sent it back to the factory after trying to install the new lighter pull version of the hammer spring and found the hammer axis pin was broken. The factory completely rebuilt the entire gun including a new frame which they restamped with the old serial#. In the 10 years and untold rounds fired this pistol has never once malfunctioned that I can recall. I bought a new 2nd gen. P3AT in August of this year and it is now back at the factory for the third time having the trigger pin issue being taken care of for the second time. The other occasion I sent the gun back was when the grip frame cracked on both sides at the rear of the frame and I was still experiencing numerous failures to feed and eject. The factory replaced the grip frame,barrel assembly, and polished the feed ramp and the top of the chamber area to facilitate ejection. I fired approx. 110 rounds using 3 types of ammo with 2 clips with no malfunctions until the trigger pin walked out again. This gun is definitely pushing the envelope when it comes to size,weight,and caliber which is why I bought it in the first place. Price was not an issue. In sending the gun back I asked the factory to address the following. 1.Check tolerance or redesign trigger pin to prevent this walking out problem from happening(which now may be taken care of and is the reason for this email). 2.Polish and fine tune barrel assembly and slide on new guns and lubricate with Militech heated to operating temperature per mfg. instructions prior to shipping out. I figure the above can't cost more than $30-$50 and would probably eliminate 75% of the problems. As far as aftermarket accessorys are concerned when I sent the P11/9 back I had the factory install the oversize trigger shoe. This fell off after approx. 50 rounds which is O.K. at the range but is not something you want happening if the gun is being used for it's intended purpose. The factory just needs to make the trigger wider,it can't be that hard. I ordered a pocket slipper laser for the P3AT from Charlie at Smartcarry which shipped out 1-2 days ARO. The laser does not line up to point of aim for minute of angle target shooting but is better than nothing at 7-10 yards at night. If you have ever been forced to draw your gun at night, and the red dot of the laser on your opponent causes them to back off without firing a shot, then it becomes real easy to put a value on the thing. Also with the Pocket Slipper attached I can carry the P3AT in the back or right front pocket of my casual shorts or jeans sans holster wearing nothing else other than a tee shirt. The gun looks like a wallet and does not print or seem obvious that you are carrying. The above is not possible with the P11/9 unless using a Pager Pal or Smartcarry holster, both of which can get uncomfortable in high heat and long sitting down conditions. Thanks for the oppotunity to speak out, you have a great forum here. And please send all unwanted rain to the Lone Star State, we could sure use it.