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I was just shopping around for pocket holsters and followed several recommended links in previous posts. They all seem to be quite decent and not too much different in price. I assume it's a matter of personal preference really. I was particularly impressed with the Black "2-in-1 Pocket Defender Plus for the Kel-Tec P-3AT" with the optional gripper material from K & D Holsters

I actually have a pocket clip installed right now, but as Packer stated in previous posts, the idea of an unguarded trigger bothers me even though I plan to carry nothing else in that pocket. I also switch between Khakis and Jeans depending on what I am doing that day so front pocket with an option for back pocket is a plus.

I assume that I will have to remove the pocket clip for any of the holsters available to properly fit.

Also, the "Holdster" mentioned in a previous post from looks interesting, but I am concerned about the finger hole. It doesn't look like I would have a firm grip on the gun. Also, none of the pictures show the right side of the gun so I am concerned that it might hamper the action of the slide.

If you own a "Holdster", can you offer any information as to your experience firing the weapon with it. I am not sure that my local gun range would permit me to use it on the range if I purchased one. Thanks!

Total Kel-Tec Noob,


try palehorse Ron Graham makes some of the best around Look at the dahalia holster with the closed end, I have had one for 6 months and it is super. defintely covers the trigger and has a push off thumb peace, so the holster stays in the pocket while the weapon is comeing out. very nice and top top quality.
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