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P3AT not allowed

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While reading the requirements for the local shooting range's cwp class, the range will not allow the p3at to be used for qualifying. This just pisses me off. Anybody else ever hear something like this? I emailed the owner about this and he said that basically the p3at was junk. Told him that mine never has missed a lick. He said that I could still use it to shoot at the range, at my own risk, but not to qualify.
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Find someone else who wants your money and make sure he knows about it.

Fortunately, I live in a place with LOTS of ranges, classes, and options - I hope you do as well.
Just tell him it's a Ruger LCP and don't let him see it up close.
take your business elsewhere. such a random and arbitrary ban on ANY gun indicates that the owner is'nt the sharpest tool in the shed anyway. cwp classes can be painful enough as it is, you REALLY dont want to spend the whole day listening to a blabbering dummie :) oh, and let him know about it of course.
Well, on the one hand, I'd have to agree. Go elsewhere. Not sure what his problem is. Maybe he bought a lemon or his ex was a KT fan or something. <shrug>

On the other hand, why do you want to qualify with a P3AT? It's hard to shoot at all, much less shoot accurately. The sights are minuscule, the barrel length is tiny, and it squirms in the hand when fired. Sure you can do it, if you've given your gun enough range love. But you must have a more comfortable, easier to shoot gun in your selection.

Heck, looking back, I wish I'd qualified for my CCW with something else because the sights are so tiny on the Makarov (IJ-70-18AH) that I used.

Or are you in a State which insists you qualify with your carry gun?

Peace favor your sword,
lklawson said:
..why do you want to qualify with a P3AT?...
...are you in a State which insists you qualify with your carry gun?...
I quailified with a target barreleld ruger MII :-/
IIRC, in TX you can't qualify with a 22. Aside from any legal restrictions, you should be able to qualify with whatever you like. This guy has already demonstrated that he doesn't know his a$$ from a hole in the ground. What other misinformation will he cram into his course? I'd most certainly take my business and my money elsewhere.
JFB said:
[quote author=lklawson link=1276138564/0#4 date=1276187273]..why do you want to qualify with a P3AT?...
...are you in a State which insists you qualify with your carry gun?...
I quailified with a target barreleld ruger MII  :-/
Am I the only one here thinking "PMR-30" for qualifying? ;)

Peace favor your sword,
I didn't feel you should have to qualify at all and even if you did, it shouldn't be at any distance over 7 yards as that's kind of where people seem to draw the line at whether you were in danger or not.

In the spirit of all the above, I qualified with a Colt Match Target .22

If they can play games, so can I. Smallest group of all those qualifying in my class by far.

I had a Kel-Tec P-32 at the time I qualified and elected to qualify for my CCW with a Walther P-22. The cost for 100 rounds of ammo of 22 LR was so much less than 32 ACP. Ohio's qualification requirement is more to check for safe gun handling, and to see if yo were capable of aiming the gun at the target. Elinimating the P3AT when you don't ban several substantially the same pistols is ignorant, I'd take my business elsewhere.

Best Regards:
Hi, Are you saying they won't allow Kel-tec firearms(P3At) or any small replica such as the Ruger. Do they allow the copy cat Ruger to be used? Just trying to understand their reasoning? No recall's on the P3At...when it's bang. This place sounds terrible. Run away,run away from this place.  Good Luck!!
You might let this dilwad try shooting yours and see if he's any good with it--then show him what you can do. Maybe he will change his mind [however small it is].
In my state no range time is required; however my teacher has everyone do fifty rounds, five at a time, both hands, strong side, weak side, and DA, while watching to see that we absorbed the NRA basics. If you are unsafe or not on the paper he won't sign the cert. What you shoot, though, is your business, and he's not at all fond of Kel-Tec. I wanted to be really accurate so I used a four inch .22 WMR Taurus.

If I had wanted to use my P-3AT and they had said no, I would have looked elsewhere, though.

Oh, and welcome to the forum, sir!
Certified recently using two guns. (A Louisiana permit is not gun specific.) I used my compact .45 AND my 3AT. No snickers or derogatory comments. I used the 3AT to see how I would do with the "pressure" of the situation. How did I do? The required signature is on the certificate!
i have to requalify every year and i have to use my p3at since that is what i carry. most ccw-holders around my neck of the woods don't seem to practice a lot and any snickering always ends when the shooting starts ;) the only thing that stinks about qualifying with the p3at is that one loose tons of brass since there is never enough time to look for it.
Listen to what everyone else has said, go elsewhere!!!!!!!!!

When I went through the class 5 years ago, before I had my p3at, I used a Ruger p-95, others in the class used all different kinds of pistols, one female used a Raven arms .25 acp. Didn't matter what brand or caliber.

I have seen classes advertised where you can't use anything smaller than a .380, no .22's, .25's or .32's.
Avoid them at all cost !!!!!!!!!!!!
All I can say is.............. Hell of a first post -------------------> ::)
I'll agree that this was a good first post. However, the OP has not answered any of the questions raised since then. Hope it wasn't a drive by post.
Joje, I would like to know what state you are from? I just haven't never heard about doing the shooting over each year. As for not being able to use your p3at, go somewhere else and use one you shoot the best.I myself used a 22 just because it was cheaper to shoot.
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