p3at mag dropping out as i fire

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by BrianWilkes, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Sep 23, 2010
    this is my 1st gun i have ever owned. got it used from a friend with about 100 round shot out of it. i seen that it was not cleaned so i cleaned it. thank you YouTube lol. how ever only one video showed 2 springs and i lost one. so i finally seen on here i can get replacement parts for the homepage. while at the gun rage i bought a phoenix arms hp22 for a plaker love this gun. finally i get the springs for my p3at and i go to the range. let me say 1st of at 25 ft with a guy who cant shoot very well this thing its very accurate!!!! its got one hell of a kick and its loud!! i shot about 50 rounds and had 3 jams!!!!! as i hold the gun and fire my finger thumb i dont know seem to hit the mag release and it drops and the gun jams!!!!!so i pull the mag and eject the cartridge and shoot some more. let me first say i have big hand it hurts to shoot, but when your life is on the line pain dont matter the gun is awesome its light and barely there!! also i bought a bull dog concealed holster to fit in the small of my back. when i carry my hp22 with it i can tell it there. i get in and out of cars all day long.with the p3at its threre but not lol . the p3at is the best fit for me . how ever if i lean my back against the wall the mag pops out(mag realease). i want to keep this gun but this mag release need to be modified some how. keltec told me to ask you guys so please help me out im new be ez and i know my grammer is bad sorry not the brightest crayon in the bunch....
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    Sep 23, 2010
    Well, first off I'd try to make sure that you're seating it all the way. Also, give the bottom of the magazine a tug after you've seated it. If it pops right out, there might be something wrong with your magazine catch. Take a flashlight and see if you can see any obvious wear or damage. Try comparing it to pictures others have taken of their magazine catches. Also, while the gun is empty, try working the magazine catch and feel for tension. It may be something as simple as a spring, friend.

  3. I had the same problem. You may want to try and sand the mag release down a bit so that it does not stick out so far.

    You like youtube? Search for a user named beach for a detail vid of how to swap out the mag release.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Well, we're flattered...

    Yes, the mag release is a bit taller than necessary - consider it adjustable. If it is bumping or hitting stuff and releasing, you can shorten it a little. It can be done while in the gun. Tape around the mag release to protect the gun. With a small jeweler's file, or your wife's emery board (at your own peril), gently file the mag catch down until it is a tad bit shorter. Go slowly - file - test, file - test, etc. You might call KT and have them send you a new mag catch and mag catch spring first, just in case...
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    Sep 8, 2010
    It's your thumb that is hitting the release button!

    It may be that your trying to keep your fingers and thumb far away from the slide and using the tip of your thumb to apply pressure to hold the pistol.
    Try changing your grip where your thumb points forward resting along the frame just above the trigger and under the slide, thus using the side of your thumb to apply pressure to hold the pistol instead of the tip.

    That is the way I grip my pistols but it comes natural for me, and I have no problem being anywhere near the mag release.
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    These have a plastic mag. catch that will wear and become rounded off. If when you have it in and it clicks on the catch, but you can easily pull it back out, you may need a new catch. To keep this from happening you should depress the catch button before you pull it out and before you push it all the way in--each and every time. This way you won't round off the catch.