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diamond said:
+1 for the camera case
I don't have a pic of them available on this computer but I've been using camera cases for about 4 months now for "carriers" of my Taurus .38 Ultra-Lite, my KT380, and a wide variety of other things when their dedicated holsters won't do -

- including a small one (CaseLogic brand) that holds three "loaded" .357 speed-loaders (not so much for easy access although it clearly does) but to protect them from dust and wear/tear

Want to have some fun?
Assuming you're within the laws of your state and exercising requisite safety considerations - go to the Photo-Department of Wal-Greens, Wal~Mart, Target - etc and lay your (empty) gun on the counter as you "size" and "test-fit" your different small-guns in the store before you buy them!
(I first did this with the 3 LOADED .357 speed-loaders and people gave me a wide berth, lol)

(not to mention they are CHEAP new....... and even cheaper at your local Pawn Shop and/or Thrift store which generally have a box or two of empty "cases" laying around)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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