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Here is my holster review for my P3at:

I ordered a BullDog cell phone case from Cabelas for $14.99 on sale.
I always carry my p3at in a DeSantis Nemesis holster, but wanted another option.
I took the following pictures to show the shape and size of this holster, compared with the Nemesis and a cheap camera case.
The BullDog is a large case. I wasn't expecting it to be this large and stick out as much as it does. The gun fits in it ok, but I think they could've made it a little bit thinner so it doesn's stick out so much. I was a little disapointed with its size.

The cheap camera case next to it in the picture hugs much closer to the body and doesn't show as much with an untucked t-shirt. I also like the smaller size of the camera case.
The BullDog almost looks odd on the belt. It's much bigger than a case for even the I-phone.

Overall I think the BullDog will work for some people in certain situations, but i'm tempted to use the cheap camera case rather than the BullDog when I'm not carrying in the front pocket.

The top two pictures are empty cases showing size. The bottom two pictures have the p3at in the cheap camera case.
On my side with an untucked t-shirt, it's hard to see the gun in the case...looks more like a small camera.

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