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P3AT break in period still going great

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Got to go to the range today making this the third trip with my new Kel-Tec.
Several dozen more rounds of FMJ and started shooting a few mags worth of Hydra Shok, all without a single problem! My confidence in this little devil is really beginning to grow.
I installed a Hogue Handall Jr and it does make a difference to me with shooting comfort. I'm not sure if the rubber will "catch" on clothing or not, but if it does I'll just remove it as firing without it is not too bad anyway.
I also just picked up my new P32 also! You guys are a bad influence ;) ! I can't wait to shoot it!
Now I'll have a backup to my backup!
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Real glad your P3AT is breaking in. You'll love the P32. Then ya gotta try a P11 and.....! Ya they grow on ya.
Oh there was a P11 siting there calling to me also. If the funds had been there I would have it sitting here too!
I gotta pace myself (and if I don't the wife will :()!
Welcome.. Be careful, KTs tend to multiply like rabbits!

Dogman... Glad to have you here.

I would consider the fluff and buff, good clean and lube.

golden loki fluff and buff

new gun prep


lubrication hints/tips

And yes they do multiply!
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