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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by HOUSER52, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. HOUSER52

    HOUSER52 Active Member

    Jun 17, 2010
    I picked up a few new goodies for the 3AT this past week and spent an enjoyable afternoon on the range yesterday.

    Picked up a Fobus paddle holster for OWB carry. It's a good little holster and can be adjusted for my P32, P3AT and LCP. Retention is good with all of the guns and will conceal well under a jacket or untucked shirt. Range work using it was perfect. Drawing and reholstering was very easy and smooth.

    I also added a mag extension. I used a dremel tool to remove just a little bit of material off the bottom then buffed it to make it look like factory. It now gives me a full 2 finger grip and makes the 3AT more manageable without being overly long.

    To experiment a little I installed Wolf 13# recoil springs. With the factory recoil spring the empty brass was launced 20-30 feet away, now they are landing 6-8 feet and are much easier to find. Recoil feels about the same or maybe a just little softer. The gun will now chamber hollow points and flat points without any hesitation at all on the feed ramp.

    Tried out some hard cast 95 grain Missouri bullets using 231 powder. At 700 fps this load is a little milder than WWB and is great for range practice. Best of all they are a lot cheaper to shoot.

    There were no malfunctions at all while shooting and I ended up firing about 75 rounds including 6 rounds of Federal Defense loads.
  2. Picatinny_Pete

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    Sep 2, 2009

    Thanks for the report. :) In general I find that once broken on or fluffed and buffed that the heavier Wolff springs do help with recoil and functioning, especially feeding flat point and JHP rounds where there might be a small amount of extra resistance.

    Best Wishes: :cool:

  3. BillK

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Thanks for the range report.

    Are the Wolf springs a different weight than the stock P3AT recoil springs or are they just of a higher quality?

    Bill K.
  4. HOUSER52

    HOUSER52 Active Member

    Jun 17, 2010
    Factory weight is 11# and I installed the 13# just to slow the slide a little so the empties would land a little closer. So far that has worked for me.

    I'm not sure who makes KT springs but Wolf springs are supposed to be top quality.
  5. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    the KT springs are made of the highest quality spring steel ( i've forgotten the alloy right now) .
    my review of the wolf springs is in the faq/vip

    definately they are of a higher cost  ;)
  6. lklawson

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    Oct 13, 2009
    Huber Heights, OH
    definately they are of a higher cost  ;)[/quote]They're also the only game in town if you want something heavier than the stock springs from KT. I can't imagine their volume is very high on increased weight springs for the P3AT. Naturally costs are going to be higher even if the quality is identical.

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. BillK

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    Jul 23, 2007
    First post mentioned brass being thrown shorter distance which for me would be a good thing as my brother reloads for me. Went to the link and read "as far as the flight of spent casings, holding the gun gansta style, they all landed 20' to 30' away, even with my worn factory, with the nearest being with the 16 and the farthest with the factory". Other then maybe how far the brass gets thrown what are the advantages of the Wolf springs over the factory springs? Are they for shooting a hotter round like maybe the Buffalo Bore loads?

  8. Crazy_Horse

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Where did u find the wolf springs at? I went to there web site but I could not find anything fot kel tec.
  9. Picatinny_Pete

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    Sep 2, 2009

    I read BillK's comment, and checked out the link. Folks pleases remember that the power of the The P3AT springs will decrease with time so buying the the 13 lb Wolff spring the power will eventually go down to 10.4 pounds. Typically if I'm doing work on a P3AT and replacing the springs I install the 16 pounf spring which eventually drops to 12.4 pounds if they can handle it. The 10% increase in spring power helps with the recoil, and the distance the brass is thrown.

    Best Wishes:
  10. HOUSER52

    HOUSER52 Active Member

    Jun 17, 2010
    Go to their website (gunsprings.com)and click on semi auto pistols near the top. After the new window opens go to the left side and scroll down to Kel Tec and click on it. When that window opens just click on the model of Kel Tec that you're looking for.
    I have used their springs in my 1911s for years.

    ***Tip: If you open the packs be sure to tag each spring with what they are and what they fit! They DO NOT have a way to ID them if you mix them up.  ::) Been that route before.

    I bought the P3AT calibration pack that includes the 13, 15 and 16# springs. I've only used the 13# spring so far but may try the others if needed.